For more than 30 years, BHE has consistently provided equipment parts, and components of the highest quality, durability, and functionality that the agriculture industry demands. Manufacturers as well as those in the field can be assured the parts machined at BHE will meet the required specifications to allow them to conduct their work as safely and efficiently as possible. What’s more, BHE parts and components are priced competitively and delivered on time, 100% of the time.

Agricultural CNC Machining

BHE continually seeks out ways to offer unique solutions that create value for all stakeholders, including manufacturers, dealers, and equipment owners.

BHE specializes in precision CNC capabilities for:

  • Suspension and powertrain components
  • Gear cases and housings
  • Engine blocks, heads, and exhaust manifolds
  • Engine components
  • Fuel/fluid power manifold blocks and components

BHE parts. Outstanding in our field!